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First-rate Sportswear

Established in 2009,As a professional and reliable sportswear manufacture in China, Our production covers clothes for all kinds of sports, including Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, Cheer-leading, Cycling, Motorcycle, Soccer, Football, Rugby, MMA, Wrestling,  Netball, Running, Fishing , hoodies , polo uniform and so on.

Our core competence is SUBLIMATION, which makes clothes colorful, comfortable and no fading. Also screen printing and embroidery are available as your request .

Any designs and any ideas of yours can be customized, any kinds of fabrics can be obtained, any requirements can be satisfied.

If any interests, pls don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our philosophy:


In the website construction, adhere to the "pursuit of the perfect combination of" image design and the network marketing, creative ideas, fusion customer ideas.


Our advantage:


Electronic business application analyst with rich business experience: application provided a comprehensive e-commerce solutions for customers, and for the characteristics of the industry and the enterprise's own demand for the enterprise to make the application demand analysis, according to our own deep understanding of electronic commerce, to conduct a comprehensive analysis system, and put forward reasonable website design and website promotion service, planning website profit pattern, make the website that will really help you make money.


With the master database background development programmers: skilled technology make the application and development of the background complex can undertake the project site.


Proficient skills with Web Designer: in art full cooperation, so that each site can be the art and technology of super visual aesthetic show in the network front end!


Our goal:


We attach great importance to the work of each design and production quality, not care service quantity, enhance customer satisfaction is our commitment to the pursuit of work index.


Our business objective not only help enterprises to realize electronic commerce, network management, network communication, network marketing network work flow through the network. Our goal is win-win cooperation, formed with the most creative network elite team.


Our aim:


"To create value oriented, customer service as a fundamental", for customers to create efficient e-commerce solutions. Help customers to capture business opportunities in the fierce market competition, enhance core competitiveness, competitive advantage. Company's main business scope: development and sales network software, website construction and promotion, domain name registration, virtual host, electronic commerce, graphic design, multimedia application.

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